Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Warm Weather and Hand Made Warm Fuzzies!

I am sooo glad that we're finally getting some warm weather here! We've been bombarded with rain and chilly weather for weeks now and I think I would be good if I don't see another rain cloud for a very long time! Its interesting that Sweet Pea's daddy and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary this weekend, and I remember when we got married it rained Every. Single. Day. until our wedding day, when it didn't rain at all! So, I always expect lots of rain around this time of year. But, that doesn't mean I accept it!

So, to celebrate some sunshine, Sweet Pea and I played outside for a bit before dinner tonight. She LOVES bubbles, too bad she hasn't mastered how to actually MAKE bubbles. She'll figure it out!

Also, I was surprised by my very first "hand made" Mother's Day card this evening when I picked Sweet Pea up from the baby sitter (who also happens to be one of my BFFs :) Check out this fabulous artwork! I see an artist in the making!!!

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