Friday, December 16, 2011

Jingles the Elf

We started a new tradition this year - we introduced the "Elf on the Shelf". It's a pretty cute idea - the elf arrives at your home from the North Pole shortly after Thanksgiving, and each night he reports back to the North Pole to tell Santa if you've been naughty or nice. When he returns, he usually lands in a different place in your home. Sweet Pea finds this hilarious and loves looking for him in the morning. Right when he arrives, you have to give him his very own name, so he can get his magic. We were a bit worried about this, because in the weeks leading up to his arrival, Sweet Pea kept saying she was going to name him "Stinky Pants". Luckily for the Elf, she was feeling nice when he arrived, and she named him "Jingles" :)

Jingles loves hanging out on the Christmas trees. One morning he was with her mermaid Ariel, and Sweet Pea was NOT happy about that. In fact, she was pretty mad that Jingles didn't ask Sweet Pea if he could play with Ariel!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Enjoying the Christmas Tree 2011

Miss Sweet Pea is LOVING having the Christmas tree up! She's always rearranging the ornaments and admiring the tree. Here's a little video of her with the tree this year:

And in case you forgot how cute she was last year, here's a little reminder:

Unicorn Breath

This evening I was talking with Sweet Pea after I had eaten some lasagna and garlic bread. She told me my breath smells like unicorns.

Good to know.