Friday, December 16, 2011

Jingles the Elf

We started a new tradition this year - we introduced the "Elf on the Shelf". It's a pretty cute idea - the elf arrives at your home from the North Pole shortly after Thanksgiving, and each night he reports back to the North Pole to tell Santa if you've been naughty or nice. When he returns, he usually lands in a different place in your home. Sweet Pea finds this hilarious and loves looking for him in the morning. Right when he arrives, you have to give him his very own name, so he can get his magic. We were a bit worried about this, because in the weeks leading up to his arrival, Sweet Pea kept saying she was going to name him "Stinky Pants". Luckily for the Elf, she was feeling nice when he arrived, and she named him "Jingles" :)

Jingles loves hanging out on the Christmas trees. One morning he was with her mermaid Ariel, and Sweet Pea was NOT happy about that. In fact, she was pretty mad that Jingles didn't ask Sweet Pea if he could play with Ariel!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Enjoying the Christmas Tree 2011

Miss Sweet Pea is LOVING having the Christmas tree up! She's always rearranging the ornaments and admiring the tree. Here's a little video of her with the tree this year:

And in case you forgot how cute she was last year, here's a little reminder:

Unicorn Breath

This evening I was talking with Sweet Pea after I had eaten some lasagna and garlic bread. She told me my breath smells like unicorns.

Good to know.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy November!

Somebody likes playing in the leaves!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating 2011

This year Sweet Pea got to go trick or treating with her cousins. They have an adorable neighborhood and it was a storybook vision. There were tons of little kids dressed up in super cute costumes. All day on Halloween Sweet Pea and I practiced saying, "trick or treat" and her joke, that went something like this:

Me: OK, what is your joke?
Sweet Pea: Trick or Treat
Me: No, your joke
Sweet Pea: Oh, Trick or Treat, who's there?
Me: No, you say, "Knock, knock"
Sweet Pea: Who's there?
Me: No, you say "knock, knock"
Sweet Pea: Knock, knock, who's there?
Me: No, you just say, "knock, knock"
Sweet Pea: Who's there?

Are you starting to feel a little like the "Who's on first" scenario? LOL!

Sweet Pea got to her first house and as the homeowner held out her bucket of candy, Sweet Pea said, "trick or treat" and emptied all of her treats she got from Nana before we left into the lady's bucket. Bless her heart, it didn't take long before she figured out it goes the other way around :)

She had a blast and held her cousin's hand all through the neighborhood (already too independant to trick or treat with Mom).

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween to everyone! Have a safe night trick or treating!

Friday, October 28, 2011

3 Year Stats

We're pretty lucky that we don't have to put Sweet Pea in daycare, and I think that's a big reason why she never gets sick. Therefore, we rarely go to the doctors office. Infact, this year we went all year without going, and we feel very lucky to have such a healthy little girl! Sweet Pea did remember, however, that her doctor has curly hair. Her memory never ceases to amaze me!!!

Here are Sweet Pea's big 3 year stats:

Height: 37.75 inches (70%)
Weight: 32.2 pounds (60%)
Head Circumference: they stopped measuring :)

So, basically she's taller than 70% of other kids her age, and weighs more than 60% of kids her age.

We're still in diapers, but we're having some success with going on the potty. She really loves to cheer the other ladies on when we visit a public restroom. Also, we're hoping to get rid of the binky pretty shortly after we get to move back into our house (that's an entirely separate story!!!)

And, just for fun, you can compare what her stats were at her 2 year check up:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Corn Maize

We visited some college friends a few weekends ago at a corn maize. I started to get a little nervous when I read a story about a couple who had to call 911 because it was getting dark and they couldn't find their way out. Only to find out they were like, 25 feet from the exit, or something - after police and dogs had to come find them. So, being that Sweet Pea will run like the wind from us, I thought I better get a kid leash before we venture out into such madness. I borrowed a super cute one from a friend of mine. Surprisingly, Sweet Pea loved wearing it. However, she wanted to hold the end of the leash...kind of cancels out the reason for having one. Luckily, the corn maize had so much other fun stuff to do we didn't even go in the maize at all. Instead, we enjoyed the pumpkin patch, corn "sand" box, and a tractor ride. All in all we had a great time!

Happy October, Everyone! Sweet Pea turned 3!!!

Hello all! We've had a very busy past few months! We can't believe how fast Miss Sweet Pea is growing! She just turned 3, where has the time gone? And she's growing like crazy! My mom said, "You've grown a foot!" And Sweet Pea looked down and said, "No, Nana, I only have two". Melts my heart, she is so sweet!

We had her birthday party at a local park and couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. We had a face painter come out and for weeks before Sweet Pea kept saying she wanted to get a lion painted on her face. Well, she got her lion! She loved every second of getting her face painted, and had a blast at her party!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Pea!!!

My sweet, beautiful, smart, funny baby girl turned THREE today!!! Where has the time gone? She's the light of my life, and always makes me smile. I love you, Sweet Pea!!!

I asked her to give me a big "three year old" smile, and this is it! (She's kind of an over achiever :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Panooner!!!

My brother recently gave my mom a new laptop. Sweet Pea was soooooo excited about the whole thing. She couldn't wait to tell me, "Uncle Mike bought Nana a new PANOONER"!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Surfin' the Web

Sweet Pea was chillin out surfin the web, checking out her facebook pics :) Word on the street is she needs her own iPad because she's so good at playing games on her aunt's!

Some other funny things she's said recently:

Sweet Pea: Let me see your makeup (as she gets thisclose to my face)
Me: I'm not wearing any, I can't find it.
Sweet Pea: Awwww, poor mommy.

As I returned from work to pick her up from my mom's last week:
Sweet Pea: (in a very serious tone) When you see a buggy on your arm, wipe it off. When you see a lion, run.

Such good advise, can't say that I argue with that!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miss Adorable

In case you were wondering who the light of my life is, its this girl right here!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She's So SMART!!!

The other night I was playing with Sweet Pea, and she wanted me to draw. Amongst other things, one of the things I put down on paper was this little note. I wrote the letters and drew the heart, but, she made the heart's face!!! I couldn't believe it, she's only TWO!!! In addition, after I wrote it, I pointed to the first word and said, "What does that say?" and she said "MOMMY"!!! We are so blessed to have such a smart, beautiful, sweet, and funny little girl!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter Recap

We had a great Easter this year. Sweet Pea was really into finding Easter eggs and putting them in her basket. Did I mention the girl loves her some chocolate? Needless to say, we had a little bit of a sugar rush!

To the Races!

Sweet Pea's daddy finished ANOTHER running event! This time he ran a 1/2 marathon. Sweet Pea was so proud of her daddy, she even got to wear his medal :)

I'm TWO!?!?!?

A little convo between Sweet Pea and I in the car this weekend...

Sweet Pea: Mommy, can I drive?
Me: No, Sweet Pea, you have to be 16 to drive, and you're 2.
Sweet Pea: I'm TWO!?!?! (with shock and horror) Oh noooooo!

Friday, March 25, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure

We went to the Butterfly House this weekend. Sweet Pea took some pictures with her princess camera :) I think she had a good time...till she did a backflip off the swing. We might need to wait a while to let her play on the big kid swing again!

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto...

This weekend Miss Sweet Pea woke up walking and talking like a robot...and calling herself Robot Boy, and me Robot Mommy. Daddy asked if he was Robot Daddy. Her response? "No, Daddy! You're a guy."


Thursday, February 17, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

I've said it before, but, I just love hearing Sweet Pea talk! She says the cutest things! Here's a few of the most recent:

  • You have mommy eyes, they're pretty.
  • I WIN!!! (as she steps on the scale - I wish I had her enthusiasm!)
  • It's a hot summer day. (We've recently emerged from a blizzard, so, I guess 40 degrees does feel pretty hot!)
  • I love my room. It is berry awesome. (As she looks around her room)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011!

Happy Valentine's Day 2011! Sweet Pea says, "Happy Valentine's Day", and I got some beautiful roses from her daddy. I'm a lucky girl! Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Catch Up!

I feel like its been forever since I posted. We've just been enjoying Sweet Pea so much. She is getting so smart, and can really speak clearly in sentences now. Its so fun and exciting to hear what she comes up with. She says, "Where's dad? I wanna hang out." And tonight she told me, "You have a bug in your tummy. I'm a doctor." I love it! She is so awesome! Here's a few recent pics: