Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Laughing and Playing with the Dog

Tonight Sweet Pea had sooooo much fun trying to chase the dog around. I'm not sure if the dog was playing or just trying to stay close to me and away from her. Either way she thought it was hilarious! Too bad for the poor lighting, the video quality isn't the greatest, but, at least you can hear her laughing!

Patiently Waiting in Traffic...

Sweet Pea and I were stuck in traffic the other day and I snapped these super cute pics :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Made a TuTu!!!

I made an adorable tutu for Sweet Pea's cousins first birthday. It is soooo cute, I hope she likes it! It was surprisingly easy to make, just a little time consuming. I will have to make Sweet Pea one next, her first birthday is in about 2 months.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Want One!!!

These have got to be the greatest idea! I can't tell you how many times I've had to take my pretty/sharp/little pieces/dangerous necklace away from Sweet Pea when I'm holding her. She just LOVES to put my necklaces in her mouth (and sometimes she's generous and tries to put them in MY mouth :) I've joked that all I'm going to be able to wear is a binky on a string. Well, someone had the brains and style to put this concept to good use! Check this out, SmartMomJewelry introduced Teething Bling®, inspired by babies who like to tug on our jewelry. It is the original patent-pending teething jewelry.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It Feels Good to Give!

If you aren't familiar with our story, my family suffered a tragic loss in June of 2007. My 3 month old nephew died at daycare. Although my nephew did not die of SIDS, throughout the entire ordeal, an organization called SIDS Resources helped our family tremendously.

This is a challenging time for SIDS Resources, as it is for many people and organizations. SIDS Resources is asking for your help to raise funds so their services may continue without interruption.

Examples of how donations are used:
* A gift of $35 will provide a SIDS Survival Guide book for a newly bereaved family and a "Safe Sleep" package for expectant parents.
* A gift of $350 will provide 4 home visits for newly bereaved families.
* A gift of $70 will provide a presentation with follow up services to community or professional groups on SIDS risk reduction.

Click the link below to donate to SIDS Resources:

Get This Girl a BINKY - STAT!!!

Oh my! Last night was a doozie! Sweet Pea and I got home and she was perfect. We played for a little bit then started our nightly bedtime routine. I started to panic a little bit when I couldn't find a binky ANYWHERE! I looked all over the house, under the couch, under the bed, even in the freezer! I thought, well, this could be tough, but, I'll give it a shot. So, I get Sweet Pea in her jammies, took a bottle, rocked in the rocking chair in her room...until the inevitable happened. She was ready to fall asleep and needed a binky. I mean she REALLY needed a binky. I tried letting her suck on an empty bottle, tried putting my finger in her mouth, but nothing would do the trick. Then she really started to get mad! She cried for about 10 straight minutes when I started thinking we need to get a binky somehow. I contemplated calling her daddy at work, or my neighbors, and instead decided to send an S.O.S. text to my brother. Thank goodness he responded. Within about 35 minutes he was at our door with a Walgreens bag full of binkies! I ripped open a package and gave one to Sweet Pea. You could see the sweet relief on her face as her eyes closed and her face and entire body relaxed. I bet she was passed out in 3 minutes, tops!

So, hooray for Uncle Mike! You saved the day!!!