Thursday, August 26, 2010

On the Potty! WEEEE!

It's been a big week at our house! Sweet Pea has went #1 on the potty almost 5 times this week! Wowzers! She should be easy to potty train, from day 1 (literally) she HATED getting her diaper changed, and still does! I will always remember the nurse changing her in the hospital saying, "It's not that bad!" and I asked if all the babies scream like that when they get their diaper changed. She said no, and I can't wait to not have to deal with diapers any more!!!

Now She's Just Showing Off!

So, a couple days ago Sweet Pea counted all the way to 10 and I was totally impressed. Last night in the bath I asked her if she could count in Spanish, and she starts "Uno, dos, tres..."

!!! I was totally blown away! So, I counted to 10 in Spanish a couple times and she could do it by the time we finished the bath! She got a little mixed up on 9 because her teacher (yours truly) couldn't remember how to say "9" in Spanish. But, I got on Google and figured it out right away!

I gotta get this stuff on video! The problem is, she won't do it if you ask, you just have to get lucky. Looks like I need to carry a camera around everywhere I go just in case!!!

What's Your Name?

A little convo we had tonight...

Me: Do you know your name?
Me: You are my sweet baby, but, do you know your name?
Gwen: ...feet
Me: You have beautiful feet, and your name is Gwendolyn.
Gwen: Ding Ding!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She can count to 10!

Wow! I am so excited that Sweet Pea can count to 10! She is such a big girl! We were riding in the car yesterday and she was talking and all of a sudden she counted all the way to 10 all by herself! I am so impressed! It's funny because if you ever ASK her to do it she gets irritated and shakes her head no. So, I guess I just got lucky yesterday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She Loves Happy Birthday!

I mean, realllly loves it! So much, she gazes at me and her eyes dilate when I'm singing it! Its awesome! Needless to say, I sing it to her pretty much everyday. Its especially cute because after the first time, she says, "Dada?" that means she wants me to sing, "Happy birthday dear Dadaaaa". Then, after that song she says, "MomMom?" So, I sing it to myself. This goes on for a few more people, then we're finished and moving on to something else.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This afternoon Sweet Pea was fussing, and I wanted her to use her words, so I said, "Say words". Her response? You guessed it..."Words."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2nd Birthday Approaching!

I can't believe how time flies! I remember the night I went into labor like it was yesterday! Now, I'm looking at Sweet Pea's second birthday in just 8 more weeks! I'm considering doing something a bit different for her birthday this year. Since we are so fortunate to have all the things we need, (including our health) and so many people who love us in our lives, I thought it would be nice to use Sweet Pea's birthday party to bring joy to other children, too. I'd like to have a toy drive at her birthday party and give the donated toys to a charity. This year it would be Friends of Kids with Cancer. A friend of mine from high school has twin girls and they do this every year for their birthday. They keep a big box outside the party and guests bring toys to be donated to the organization. On days they have treatment (chemo), the kids get to pick a new toy from the "Toy Closet". I also think this would help teach Sweet Pea to think of others less fortunate and be thankful for things she has. As she gets older she could participate and choose the charity to donate the toys to.

Since I've never been to a birthday party like this, I'm curious if anyone has any input or suggestions?