Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She's So SMART!!!

The other night I was playing with Sweet Pea, and she wanted me to draw. Amongst other things, one of the things I put down on paper was this little note. I wrote the letters and drew the heart, but, she made the heart's face!!! I couldn't believe it, she's only TWO!!! In addition, after I wrote it, I pointed to the first word and said, "What does that say?" and she said "MOMMY"!!! We are so blessed to have such a smart, beautiful, sweet, and funny little girl!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter Recap

We had a great Easter this year. Sweet Pea was really into finding Easter eggs and putting them in her basket. Did I mention the girl loves her some chocolate? Needless to say, we had a little bit of a sugar rush!

To the Races!

Sweet Pea's daddy finished ANOTHER running event! This time he ran a 1/2 marathon. Sweet Pea was so proud of her daddy, she even got to wear his medal :)

I'm TWO!?!?!?

A little convo between Sweet Pea and I in the car this weekend...

Sweet Pea: Mommy, can I drive?
Me: No, Sweet Pea, you have to be 16 to drive, and you're 2.
Sweet Pea: I'm TWO!?!?! (with shock and horror) Oh noooooo!