Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Girl Loves Hardware Stores and Heavy Machinery!

Yesterday we had an appointment with the local school district's Parents as Teachers program. I love the lady who has been assigned to us, she'so nice and Sweet Pea loves her! One of the toys she brought with her was a book on farm equipment. Every time Sweet Pea looked at the book and came to a page with a picture of a tractor on it that girl went nuts! It was the funniest thing! I think its especially cool because my dad owned an excavation company that he built from the ground up - no pun intended! I guess her daddy and I never thought of even exposing her to things like that, and all the gifts she's ever recieved were either gender neutral or girly.

Its even more funny that after that we made a family trip to Home Depot to look at some floor lamps and Sweet Pea was in absolute heaven! I've never seen a kid so excited to be at a hardware store! She was squeeling with sheer delite and running up and down the isles with her arms straight out in front of her as her daddy and I chased behind. It was a sight to see!

Later that afternoon we went out to eat and across the parking lot there was some construction going on and a big Cat backhoe parked right there and Sweet Pea got sooooo excited! Needless to say, I'm making a trip to the toy store to get my baby girl some tractor toys!

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