Friday, July 31, 2009

Really Off Topic

OK, this is going to be really off topic, but, I just need to complain a little bit. The subject of my rant? Cash for Clunkers. It is a wonderful idea, and I'm really glad people got much needed help to get better cars, and that the auto industry got a little boost.

But...yes, here's the big BUT, when you say you're going to spend a BILLION dollars, then, only spend a billion dollars! When its gone, its gone. Its this attitude of, "Oh, we thought it would last until November 1, and turns out it only lasted a week, so we need more money", that got this country into the big hot mess we're in right now in the first place. Certainly Congress did some research and came to the amount of 1 billion dollars based on some sort of criteria. So, when it ran out as quickly as it did, how can they justify that they just need more money?

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