Sunday, February 26, 2012

Have you met Baby Monster?

Sweet Pea has had an imaginary friend for quite some time now. It has been really interesting to see how Baby Monster's persona changes throughout Sweet Pea's development. She even manifested into 2 imaginary friends at one time: Baby Monster and Big Girl Monster. You can imagine their differences. Baby Monster still used a binky and wore diapers, while Big Girl Monster didn't use binkies and wore panties. Baby Monster is definately always around when Sweet Pea feels nervous or uncomfortable - like, the first day or preschool. But, she's also pretty much around all the time. Baby Monster is a girl, and has had several different appearances. Once when Sweet Pea looked out her car window and told me Baby Monster was running alongside our car, I asked what Baby Monster looks like. Sweet Pea told me she has purple skin, white hair, and big ears.

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