Friday, June 18, 2010

New Words

Sweet Pea is learning new words everyday! Everyone told us her vocabulary would explode soon and it really does seem like thats the best description for her progress. I especially love the way she says, "no" and "yes", she has so much personality with the two simple words. Here's a list of just a few words she currently has in her vocabulary, there are so many more I don't think I'll remember them all for this post:

No = nooooo (with a scrunched face while she shakes her head) OR "no!" (as in: how dare you ask me that?)
Yes = 'yays' (like a little southern girl)
Mama = "MomMom"
Puppy (and "ruff ruff")
Eat Eat
Go Go
Beep beep (to cars and trucks, I think she thinks she's speaking their language ;)
*Clothes (she is MY daughter, after all!)


Also, we try to expose her to other languages as much as possible, we have a children's video that is all in Spanish. I was trying to teach her to say, "Hola", and she said "Hiyaaa". My little girl speaks Spanglish already ;)

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