Monday, February 8, 2010

Things You Never Thought You'd Say...

In my short 16 months of mommyhood, I've said a few things that I never in my life thought I'd say. Not stuff that makes me sound just like my mom, but, stuff that is just so bizarre and funny that I never would have imagined I'd say. Last night, we took Sweet Pea to a friends house to watch the Super Bowl and let the kids play. There were tons of kids there and Sweet Pea had a blast! But, during all the fun, I heard one mommy saying, "Christian, we DO NOT throw boats down the stairs"! I just thought that was so funny! Of course, at the time, it made sense, because we all heard a big crash and then silence, which is never good when there are so many kids running around. And, he did, in fact throw a boat down the stairs.

Some of the things we've said around here that really make me shake my head are, "We don't chew on our toes", or, "We don't bite the penguin" or, most recently, "Where did she go with that crayon"?

What are some of the things you've said that you never thought you'd say as a parent???

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  1. "we don't pee on the floor when we're having naked time."